V.A.T. (tax), Breakfast are included to prices

Flamingo Hotel Former part

All of our rooms in "Former Part" have new individual air-conditioning devices  

Single Rooms


Small - one bed

60 TL*

Normal - one bed

80 TL*

Large - one bed

90 TL*

Double Rooms


Rear Side - two beds

120 TL*

Front Side - two beds

140 TL*

Triple Rooms


Three Beds

180 TL*

Flamingo Hotel Extension part


The extension part is designed for our guests, who wants to get more than a hotel

room. This part consists 5 individual apartment-rooms, studio rooms. The studio room

includes the bathroom, a living part with mini-refrigerator, TV, armchairs, a working

desk, internet connection and 3 of the rooms also have kitchens including dish-

washer, washing machine, oven, no frost-2 door-refrigerator inside their main open

space. You will find all spaces in one room with an area of 50 m


Studio Room (without kitchen)


One Person

120 TL*

Two People

160 TL*

Three People (extra guest +40 TL)

200 TL*

Studio Room (with kitchen)


One Person

130 TL*

Two People

180 TL*

Three People (extra guest +40 TL)



*TL = Turkish Lira